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Baggage Weight Scale  

With the impact of global warming and subsequent increase of fuel duty, airlines and passengers are becoming more aware of the important part, that is baggage weight.

Specifically designed by DSD group Baggage Weight Machines for the airport environment to reduce check in counter delays for passengers and airlines and avoid leaving passengers valuables at departure due to over weight. This machines are located at airports where passengers can check the weight of luggage before entering for the boarding and subsequently rearrange their luggage according to suit the rules and regulations of the airport.

Remember the times you were in airport and half of your so-called important stuff was removed from your baggage for overweight. Well this is just the right solution for you. This is a digital weighing machine that allows you to weight your stuff before landing on to the airport. It acts as a ticker to remind you to carry all the important stuff and nothing more to abide by the  airport regulations to carry only allowed weight in the flight.

Infact, the worst would be the extra money you shall pay for all the overweight. Hence, grab on digital weighting machine today to avoid such embarrassing consequences.

Benefits of our Baggage Weight Scales

  • Electronic operated luggage weighting machine.
  • Easy to read display at the touch of the button
  • Low Voltage and Energy Efficient
  • Extremely accurate heavy duty loaded cell
  • Accuracy comparable to check in desk
  • Capable of weighing 200 kg at 100 gram intervals
  • Can be programmed to operate freely for various types to weight multiple items.