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Baggage Wrapping Machine  

If you find yourself with an untrustworthy and unsafe baggage, and think your bag will not reach up to the destination we will help you and can put your mind at ease. Baggage Wrapping protects your luggage from tampering and accidental opening with the DSD Group express baggage wrapping services. Our professional staff will seal your bags, backpacks, boxes, suitcases and carry-on luggage with a tough plastic film that’s virtually tamper -proof.

This service encloses luggage in multiple layers of clear plastic to protect the baggage against theft, from items being inserted into the luggage, accidental opening, as well as handling and rain damage.

The baggage wrapping service is suitable for a wide range of baggage including suitcases, carry bags, golf bags, prams, car seats, backpacks and boxes.

We also offer Baggage Wrapping service without waiting, with convenient pickup & delivery service from your door-step. Your luggage can be picked up from your hotel, residence or office, wrapped in plastic or bubble-bag and delivered to airport. With your specified meeting time, they will be returned to you near your check-in counter at airport or any other destination to save your time.