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Welcome To DSD Group
About Us  

Founded in 2005, The DSD Group is a well reputed UAE company, specialized in Airport Services, Engineering Consultant, Entertainment, General Trading, and Interior Décor etc. Our Airport service includes Baggage wrapping, trading of Baggage Accessories / gift items, luggage weighing scale, baggage storage, baggage shipping etc..

We aim to create sustainable environments to satisfy our passengers / clients needs. This means having the process of wrapping a luggage by paying an affordable amount that ensures the safety of luggage from damages, lose of items, scratch proof, water proof etc. We are a team oriented company who works closely with our clients to achieve the end result.

Building and maintaining good relationship with our clients has played an integral role in the success of Demo Shield Group.

Mission Statement

To ensure excellent services to the clients / passengers that provides the essence of success and comfort of journey. Customer receives a quality service by combining and utilizing the best products and personnel available.

Our Vision

To provide world class recognized service.


  • Offer high quality products and services.

  • Ensure services provided are free from damages and loses.

  • Bringing strategic, creative and innovative design solutions to suit the diversified client base.

  • Ensure projects are completed on time and within the budget cost.

  • Reflecting the very advanced technical developments and future trends in a corporate and commercial environment.


Demo Shield Group provides Baggage Wrapping services, Self service Weighing checks etc.


We have high class enterprise in Interior Décor to fit out our own outlets and counters both in Air ports and other major Shopping malls.


Promotions is defined as the element of an organizations marketing mix used to Inform or persuade the market in relation to its products and services. Basically, Promotion is a world of information, persuasion and communication. These Three activities are interrelated, since informing involves persuading and vice versa: a person being persuaded is informed too. Thus, information and persuasion Become efficient through any form of communication.

At present, most capitalist markets work under defective competition conditions. These conditions involve product differentiation, buyers irrational behavior and Incomplete market information. In this context, promotional activities are Extremely important. Namely, a company needs promotion support to differentiate its products, persuade its buyers and provide more information leading to the purchase Decision process.

Under the above mentioned conditions, Demo Shield strongly believes that it should differentiate itself applying the promotional channels used by its competitor in the sector.

Although as well as explain below we will also try to promote ourselves through The most conventional means, well focus all our efforts and investments for the Future on achieving a deep penetration in the web based service sale.

Our Achievements